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UFC San Antonio results: Holly Holm dominates Yana Santos with her wrestling

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Holly Holm and Yana Santos squared off in a women’s Bantamweight contest earlier tonight (Sat., March 25, 2023) at UFC San Antonio from inside AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas. In a strong showing, Holm won every round.

It took less than 10 seconds for Santos to double up on the right hand and crash into the clinch. The two jockeyed for position along the fence, reversing back-and-forth for a couple of minutes. They broke apart, Santos threw just a couple kicks, and then Holm initiated the clinch.

Yup, it was going to be that kind of fight. There were a couple more occasions were the two separated, but the kickboxing exchanges never lasted for terribly long. In the final minute, Holm started landed some good shots, and a slip from Santos landed her in top position.

By the second, Santos was looking a little desperate, charging forward wildly with kicks and reaching punches. Holm countered first with an elbow then a takedown, securing a tight top position. At first, Holm was focused almost entirely on control, but she really opened up in the final minute. Advancing into the crucifix then mount, Holm landed some heavy shots and nearly forced the finish as the bell rang.

The third continued in similar fashion. Santos didn’t really know where she wanted to fight, resulting in sloppy work and an easy takedown from Holm. Holm again advanced position and briefly threatened a rear naked choke, but this time, Santos was able to work back to her feet with about a minute remaining. There would be no crazy final moments, however, as Holm scored one last double leg takedown to close out the final 30 seconds.

This was a very dominant performance from Holm. She didn’t land anything incredibly damaging on the feet, but she won the wrestling battle and nearly secured a stoppage in the second round.

Not bad for 41 years of age!

Results: Holly Holm defeats Yana Santos via decision

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