After getting pummeled by Sean Strickland last week, Sneako spent some time sparring with ex-UFC superstar Nate Diaz.

The controversial Rumble streamer found himself the subject of many a headline on Friday after footage emerged of him being bloodied and battered by the former UFC middleweight champion during an early morning gym session. In the clip which you can see right here Strickland delivers an onslaught of strikes long after Sneako’s corner throws in the towel.

UFC Hall of Famer Forrest Griffin had to physically step in and stop Strickland from continuing the assault.

“When you spar these guys that want to spar, there is no respect,” Strickland said on his YouTube channel. “You haven’t earned it. You haven’t like proved yourself. You don’t deserve not to get hurt. If Forrest hadn’t jumped in, I would’ve took your life if I could’ve.”

Days later, Sneako decided to test his skills against another combat sports star Nate Diaz.

Sneako meets Nate Diaz on stream

— Sneako Updates (@Sneak0o) February 14, 2024

Sneako spent some time talking with Diaz about his iconic run in the UFC and how the TUF alumnus maintains his signature cardio despite regularly smoking cannabis.

Sneako asks Nate Diaz how does he smoke so much weed and still has great cardio and never gasses out

— Sneako Updates (@Sneak0o) February 14, 2024

They spent some time rolling on the mats.

Nate Diaz makes Sneako tap out

— Sneako Updates (@Sneak0o) February 14, 2024

Diaz even revealed the origin of his infamous ‘Stockton Slap.’

Nate Diaz show Sneako how to do the Stockton slap

— Sneako Updates (@Sneak0o) February 14, 2024

But when it came time to step inside the ring, Nate Diaz had no interest in leaving the cameras on.

Nate Diaz tells Sneako to end his stream…

— Sneako Updates (@Sneak0o) February 14, 2024

Nate Diaz gives a glowing review of Sneako

After their session was said and done, Diaz had nothing, but positive things to say about Sneako’s skills. However, we have a sneaking suspicion that the lightweight superstar was just trying to be nice.

Sneako exhausted after sparring 3 rounds with Nate Diaz

— Sneako Updates (@Sneak0o) February 14, 2024

| Nate Diaz talks about SPARRING Sneako

“Sneako’s the hardest one I’ve EVER sparred”

— MeekFlourish (@MeekFlourish) February 14, 2024

Nate Diaz gives SNEAKO an important gift…

— HALALKO (@HALALKO_) February 14, 2024