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Robin Black responds to Dana White after being slammed by the UFC President

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Robin Black has issued a response to Dana White.

Robin Black, Dana White

At the post-fight press conference following UFC Vegas 73, White was asked about Francis Ngannou signing with the PFL when he took aim at Black who is an MMA analyst for TSN about his comments saying the UFC no longer has the best fighters in the world.

“I had to listen to this f*****g Robin Black, who looks like he came out of a f*****g 1997 f*****g timewarp, talking sh*t. If anybody needs a makeover, somebody please help that dude. What’s that show on TV? Major Makeover or whatever the f**k it is, somebody sign Robin Black up for that thing,” White said after UFC Vegas 73.

Now, after White’s comments, Black took to Twitter to share a video responding to the UFC boss and doubling down on his comments.

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“Dana White said I need a makeover and I look like I’m out of a 1997 time warp, incorrect. I know how I look, I’m an aging rocker doing his own thing. I look differently and I think differently,” Robin Black said in response to Dana White. “Years back I even noticed these negative opinions actually help me to grow engagement, they mobilize my passionate audience. And, my oddness is actually becoming a benefit, not a detriment. This is something very freeing. This is something I’d really like to teach my young daughter, that we should be ourselves and not let others try and steer us into their status quo. Especially when they’re doing it to distract us from things we do and say.

“Demetrous fights for ONE, Ngannou and Kayla fight for PFL, Amosov fights for Bellator. The UFC pays bad so over time the best fighters are getting redistributed. The UFC can spend the extra money on marketing to control the narrative. They’re great at it, don’t be mad at this, it’s good business and we are easily manipulated,” Black continued about his response to White. “My friends we got to think for ourselves, we got to be ourselves and not let others dominant our thoughts or how we express our individuality. Don’t let them force you into the middle of the pack. All the action is out here on the fringes. Thank you sincerely for the profile boost, Dana. You probably weren’t trying to help me but you really did and I’m truly grateful. Bink. Enjoy the hostiles my friends.”

Robin Black certainly took Dana White’s comments in stride and didn’t seem to let it impact him. He also doubled down on his comments about the UFC no longer having the best fighters and gave some examples. Whether or not White will respond to Black’s comments is uncertain.

What do you make of Robin Black’s response to Dana White?

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