UFC Hall of Famer and top PFL analyst Randy Couture says the PFL isn’t done making big-money moves in 2023.

The PFL is on a roll after announcing the signing of former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou. After a lengthy free agency, Ngannou turned down more lucrative offers to continue his MMA career in the PFL.

The signing took place just days away from the return of the PFL regular season in Atlanta, GA. Fighters across the league’s divisions will battle for a postseason spot to keep their $1 million dream alive.

After a legendary career in the cage, Couture has made a name for himself in the PFL. He’s one of the top voices of the PFL’s SmartCage alongside Sean O’Connell and Kenny Florian.

The PFL continues to expand worldwide, and Couture will be a key part of attempting to make that happen.

Randy Couture Details Upcoming Meeting Between PFL & Saudi Arabia

During an exclusive interview with MMANews, Couture spoke about the PFL’s leadership preparing to potentially expand to a new region.

“I leave tomorrow for Saudi Arabia,” Couture said. “Peter Murray’s gonna be with us, as one of the bosses to close the deal. Saudi Arabia and that area of the world is looking to bring more culture to that region. That’s why the World Cup was just there in Qatar, they’re just really trying to bring more things there and the Saudis have set their sights on MMA and the PFL. We’re gonna go over and hopefully close the deal to look at opening a PFL Middle East and starting to develop some talent and some opportunities for folks in that region in the sport.”

Couture went on to detail what the upcoming meeting could result in if an agreement is reached.

“I know we’re meeting with the royal family and they’re the ones who are interested in pushing this agenda,” Couture explained. “What their goals are and the PFL’s goals are might be different, I’m not sure at this point, I think it makes a lot of sense to start a PFL Middle East just like we did with PFL Europe…I feel like the same thing would go really well with PFL Middle East.”

The PFL launched its European league earlier this year with PFL Europe, featuring top talents such as Dakota Ditcheva and Simeon Powell. The league has sold out a series of shows in the UK during its inaugural season.

Couture’s comments come just days after UFC President Dana White hinted at the PFL allegedly asking for a large sum of money from Saudi Arabia to help fund its league. 

Couture and some of the top executives in the PFL will fly to Saudi Arabia to attempt to get PFL Middle East off the ground. An agreement with Saudi Arabia could be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the league’s desire to become a worldwide entity.

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