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‘Now I Can Get My House Back’

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The supremely generous Sean O’Malley was doling out the money for Mother’s Day. On top of that, he also confirmed the date of his upcoming title fight against Aljamain Sterling.

‘Sugar’ started his Youtube video out in front of his iconic pink Lamborghini with his mother and wife on either side of him. He wished them a happy Mother’s Day and started things out by handing each of them $5,000. Next, it was time for breakfast.

At breakfast with O’Malley’s mother and wife, ‘Sugar’ handed them an additional $10,000. “Are you serious?” His mother said. “Now I can get my house back.”

Mother and son shared a quick embrace, and then breakfast was over and it was time to get their nails done. Before entering the nail salon, Sean O’Malley explained how he felt his mother and wife were worth so much more than $15,000 each. So, he handed them another $15,000 and gave them each a hug.

At the nail salon, O’Malley’s wife and mother got their nails done while ‘Sugar’ painted the nails of his daughter in what was a touching scene. Next, it was time to get some frozen yogurt. The cameraman shows O’Malley getting recognized by the cashier, who gave them the yogurt on the house, for free. Outside, ‘Sugar’ mentioned how he regretted he didn’t ask the fan if he wanted a picture before leaving.

A look at the upcoming Aljamain Sterling and Sean O’Malley fight, and ‘Sugar’ finishes off the day giving away another $20,000

Back at home, Sean O’Malley and his mom are shown embracing while his mother thanks him for the money. O’Malley pulls out $20,000 and gives it to his wife and mother. Making their total earnings $50,000 each on what must’ve been an amazing day. Before the video ends, the cameraman shoots another touching scene where O’Malley gives his daughter $50,000 as well: under the condition that she will take care of their turtle after ‘Sugar’ passes away and that she won’t attend school as she can “Learn everything off of Youtube”.

At the very beginning of the video, Sean O’Malley did share some exciting news. “Alright, boys it’s official,” ‘Sugar’ says while lightly shadowboxing in front of his pink Lambo. “I’m fighting Aljamain Sterling in August, hopefully.”

At UFC 288, O’Malley was brought into the cage to confront Aljamain Sterling after his victory over Henry Cejudo. The two men exchanged some trash talk, there were some funny antics concerning O’Malley’s jacket, and the rest was history. Everybody watching on TV or inside the building could probably guess that ‘Sugar’ was next in line to contend for the belt.

Now, it seems as if UFC 292 will be the card the fight goes down on, and Sean O’Malley will either cement himself as a certified star and UFC champion or potentially just be another big name who fails to capture the gold.

How do you think this Aljamain Sterling and O’Malley fight turns out?

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