MMA Fighter vs Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt! MMA Fighter Rjay Casper just landed a flying knee kick knockout in MMA promotion Fury Fighting Championship on UFC Fight Pass weeks before training with Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt Ivan Rodriguez of V.O.W. BJJ in beautiful Austin, Texas. Rjay an up and coming MMA fighters trains with the V.O.W. Jiu Jitsu team to perfect the grappling skills needed for high level MMA. The round is narrated by Ivan Rodriguez, Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt. Comment your thoughts on the episode below!

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MMA Fighter vs Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt: Video Chapters
00:00 – Intro
00:20 – B-Roll of Austin, Texas
00:26 – Count Films Animation
00:30 – Jiu Jitsu Round Starts!
6:36 – Countfilms Credits




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