Mental illness is still stigmatised in the media.
Sckitzophrenia is a a scary name that instils fear in people.
This is due to the constant depictions of unmedicated and often undiagnosed cases being covered in the press.
But the reality is much different, people live with skitzophrenia very happily if they get the treatment they need in time.
That is why it is so important to get help if you feel you are not in the right state of mind and to most importantly prevent cases like this occurring.

Jahreau Shepherd, 30, screamed for help as he was chased before being
stabbed in front of horrified members of the public and friends close to Venn Park, Kennington, on July 11 last year.

The MMA fighter suffered 13 stab wounds, including a 19.5cm incision to the chest that passed through his heart. He was pronounced dead at the scene shortly after the arrival of an air ambulance crew.

His younger brother Dwight ‘Junior’ Freeman, 19, appeared at the Old Bailey on Monday (August 9) to be sentenced for manslaughter by diminished responsibility and wounding with intent in connection with stabbing a second man at the party.

Caroline Carberry QC, prosecuting, told the court that the half-brothers lived together at their mother’s address in Vauxhall. Jahreau was “something of a father figure” to Freeman.

He was “very tough” on the teenager and “sometimes physically imposing” in an attempt to get him to behave properly and stop using cannabis.

In preparation for his 30th birthday party, Jahreau and Freeman attended shops on the day of the incident and “all seemed fine”, according to their mother, Lana.

However, she told police that Freeman had been displaying concerning behaviour for around six months prior to the stabbing.

She described how he had regular mood swings, which she put down to his cannabis use, while she would often wake up to find him standing at the foot of her bed staring at her.

Freeman also believed he was “under surveillance” and would often pace back and forth frantically for no reason. His mother tried to get him to seek medical attention, the court heard, but Freeman refused to attend appointments booked for him.

Jahreau had organised a barbecue with music and drinks to take place at Venn Park in the Vauxhall area. All invitees were told to dress in white.

Freeman was at home when the party started, but was convinced by his mother to attend after he was seen pacing up and down their flat.

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