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Midnight Mania! TJ Dillashaw blames Cody Garbrandt’s fight IQ for skid: ‘He’s not the smartest’

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

At just 30 years of age, Cody Garbrandt has already experienced one of the most volatile rises-and-falls in UFC history. “No Love” put on a masterclass in 2015 to dethrone divisional great Dominick Cruz and score the belt as an undefeated champion, but everything promptly fell apart. Since that all-time great performance, Garbrandt has lost five of his last six bouts, suffering four knockout losses in the process.

TJ Dillashaw is responsible for two of those knockout defeats, and he has a unique understanding of Garbrandt’s talents and weaknesses. While speaking on “The Schaub Show,” the former Bantamweight champ broke it down, attributing Garbrandt’s struggles to his intelligence and inability to adjust.

“He’s a pretty freak athlete,” Dillashaw said (via MMAJunkie). “He’s fast. He’s the fastest guy I’ve ever sparred or fought, by far the most speed, but I’m not trying to be a complete a—hole, but he’s not the smartest human being inside that cage. To be able to stay on the top, you’ve got to change who you are and fight to fight to fight, he’s the exact same fighter. He’s a wrestler. He knows how to wrestle. Why not learn some jiu-jitsu and stop relying on your chin and hands because your chin is not there.

“So change up who you are as a fighter, and he’s just not willing to do that. He’s gonna keep his head in the same spot, his hands are gonna be low, and he’s gonna throw hard, fast hooks. So after everyone sees where his weaknesses are at, and his left hand is in his pocket as he throws the right hand, just keep your left hand high and smoke him with the right. I mean, game over. We’ve seen it like five fights in a row.”

After a failed Flyweight debut vs. Kai Kara-France, Garbrandt is heading back up to 135 pounds to face longtime veteran and jiu-jitsu ace Rani Yahya on July 9. Despite his criticism, Dillashaws sees it as a good match up for Yahya, who he believes will be forced to strike with the boxer.

“The guy is dangerous too, but I think Garbrandt is too fast for that s—t,” Dillashaw said. “Garbrandt’s hard to take down. He’s gonna be too fast, and Yahya’s standup is very pathetic. I mean, 40 fights and no finishes on your feet, but on the ground he’s a ninja. I just don’t think he’ll get it there. I think Garbrandt is too fast for it.”

Dillashaw returned from a two-year USADA suspension in July 2021, scoring a split-decision over Cory Sandhagen. At the moment, he’s likely the favorite to fight Aljamain Sterling next for the Bantamweight title.


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