Mariusz Pudzianowski, KSW 61
Mariusz Pudzianowski, KSW 61 Credit: KSW

Saturday’s KSW 70 main event in Lodz, Poland certainly lived up to expectations — which ahead of the fight seemed to focus on one thing: a knockout.

It didn’t disappoint. With a 30 pound plus weight advantage, former World’s Strongest Man winner Mariusz Pudzianowski started the KSW 70 headliner like a bull in a china shop.

Paired up with former middleweight champ Michal Materla, “Pudzian” bullied his opponent early, before settling in at center. There, Pudzianowski chopped at Materla’s lead leg, working in a few low kicks.

The finish came moments later.  A right hand missed for the strongman. The massive Pudzianowski then uncorked a similarly massive uppercut, sending Materla sailing back to the canvas. With Materla laying stiff as a board, the ref quickly moved in to save him from a follow-up hammer fist or two.

It’s another highlight reel stoppage for the popular heavyweight, who once believed his MMA career would span just a couple of fights. He’s now been in the sport over a decade, and at 45 is still going strong.

He’s also won five in a row. While those wins include some colorful opponents like social media star Erko Jun and super heavyweight Bombardier, Pudzianowski is still finding ways to win — and doing so in thoroughly entertaining fashion.

Official Result: Mariusz Pudzianowski def. Michal Materla by KO (uppercut); Round 1, 1:55

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