During a recent interview with Michael Bisping and Anthony Smith, welterweight star Matt Brown revealed some eyebrow-raising choices for his next opponent. 

Brown is currently tied with UFC heavyweight fan favorite Derrick Lewis for most knockouts in the Octagon at 13. ‘The Immortal’ finally matched ‘The Black Beast’s number earlier this month when he sent Court McGee packing with an almighty punch late in the first round. 

Hilariously, Brown has suggested he could make the jump all the way to heavyweight to take on Lewis in a bid to see who can reach 14 knockouts first. Brown admitted that one shot from Lewis would be enough to put him away, but ‘The Black Beast’ would have to catch him first. 

“For my next fight, what I would really like, and I highly doubt it’s going to happen, but I would love to fight Derrick Lewis, I’d love to go up to heavyweight,” Brown said. “This would be the funnest fighter ever, like, for the KO record… It’s certainly winnable for him, like, if I get touched, I’m f***ing, you know, I’m going to the hospital that night, but he’s gotta touch me bro.”

“He’s A Nobody” – Matt Brown On Conor McGregor

During the same interview, Brown discussed his recent callout of Conor McGregor. ‘The Notorious’ is currently sitting at eight knockouts in the Octagon. Earlier this month, the Irishman made clear he intends to reach and break Lewis and Brown’s current shared record. 

Unsurprisingly, Brown took exception to McGregor’s comment, offering to fight the Irishman for it.

According to ‘The immortal’, McGregor is a shell of his prime self at this point. While Brown respects his accomplishments in the past, he ultimately considers ‘The Notorious’ “a nobody” at this point. 

“I’ll tell you, like with Conor, I just want the red panty night, right,” Brown said. “Like, I thought about it, I mean, he’s a nobody to be honest, in my opinion, I mean, he was amazing and I give him all the props for everything he did, at this point, he’s a bum.”

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