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‘I Think It’s Over In Two Rounds’

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Dustin Poirier predicts the upcoming fight between two former foes, Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler.

While nothing has been set in stone, the McGregor Vs. Chandler fight has been continuously teased with the announcement supposedly being imminent. The pair coached opposite one another on The Ultimate Fighter season 30 which is to begin airing at the end of the month.

The bout brings much intrigue, especially after McGregor’s severe leg injury he suffered against Dustin Poirier, not to mention most of Chandler’s fights have a real degree of chaos. So it will be a tricky one to predict, but Poirier, who has faced both men is a good a person as any to give it a go.

Dustin Poirier predicts Chandler Vs McGregor

Talking to The MMA Hour, Poirier discussed the upcoming fight and should McGregor’s injury have recovered well, backs him to stop Chandler.

“I think that if Conor comes back anything like he was with his timing and rhythm, with the injury that he had and this long off a layoff and we are not getting any younger, either, If he comes back similar to who he was before he left, I think he stops Michael Chandler,” said Poirier.

“If Conor is who he was before the injury and stuff, I think two rounds, I think the fight is over in two rounds. If anybody can, I think it would be him if he’s 100 per cent dedicated, focused and put the blinders on so he can go at this with all of himself I think he can, but we’ll see and that’s what makes it so interesting.” (H/T Mirror)

Poirier is booked to face Justin Gaethje in the headlining bout of UFC 291 on July 29, which has all the making to become and instant classic.

Do you agree with Dustin Poirier?

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