Add another name to the list of possible opponents for Conor McGregor .

On Wednesday, Carl Froch, a former WBC, IBF, and WBA super-middleweight champion in boxing, was answering questions on his Froch on Fighting YouTube channel when he revealed that he’d be open to facing McGregor in McGregor’s own arena.

“Neither of them can box, can they?” Froch said when asked about McGregor boxing Jake Paul. “… I’m too big and too strong for both of them.

“Jake Paul, I’d only need one arm for Jake Paul. Conor McGregor might give me a few small problems, but he’s too small. I wouldn’t train much for either of them.

“If I’m fighting Conor McGregor in the cage, I’d train harder, because I’d fight Conor McGregor in the cage. I could be getting myself in trouble here or into a position I can’t wiggle out of, but I think I’d take him on in the cage. Is that ridiculous? … He’s too small.”

Froch has butted heads with the former UFC featherweight and lightweight champion over the past year, after McGregor tweeted that he would grab Froch’s head “and twist it clean off,” which in turn set off a series of responses from Froch, including the British fighter at one point declaring that McGregor would “get f***** up” were they to box. McGregor never really responded to Froch’s various intimations towards a boxing match, however, “Notorious” was quick to reply to Froch saying he’d face McGregor in the cage.

For the moment, both McGregor and Froch have other business to attend to.

McGregor is still preparing for his UFC return after a two-year layoff due to injury. He’ll face former Bellator lightweight champion Michael Chandler at some point later this year.

Froch, meanwhile, is set to be inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame this summer.

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