This is a part of Episode 10 of the podcast:


Episode 10 of the Sapiosexual Podcast titled My milkshakes bring violence to the yard is live on all streaming platforms!

– Kain talks about Vietnamese hustlers putting snakes up there nose and blowing fire for Cash whilst Eric talks about his latest date, internet scams and Mexican Hustling

– UFC Update: We talk about Big Booty MMA Fighter Beat Up A Dude Who Was Jerking Off During Her Photo shoot

– We discuss the thrill and fascination with sports across time
– Sports update, we touch on Raptors and Warriors NBA Finals, Drake being a dick wearing Steph Curry’s dads jersey and selling his hair lint on ebay

– We discuss a woman in Australia, throwing eggs at the Prime Minister and gets arrested in the process

– We talk about the new milkshaking phenomenon, with politicians and other right leaning figures being attacked and journalists condoning this political violence.

– Finally we talk about China’s new ‘ man club’ to counter the rise of eminent men

All This and more on today’s episode of the Sapiosexual podcast! Live on Youtube # Spotify # Apple Podcasts and on every good podcast service.