Las Vegas, NV – UFC flyweight Allan Nascimento earned his first UFC win on Saturday night at UFC Vegas 54 where he defeated newcomer Jake Hadley by unanimous decision.

“I’m so good for this moment. I’m so happy. The best thing in my life happened, and this victory. I’m so, so happy,” Nascimento told reporters in his post-fight media scrum.

Nascimento (19-6) beat Hadley who came into the UFC with plenty of hype after his win at Dana White’s Contender Series.

“Jake is a very tough guy. Undefeated, but when I talked about him this week he had a good hype. But I can with my team, my mind, and come to make the best work, the best job, I had the best camp for this fight and I won today,” Nascimento said.

Nascimento used a lot of offensive wrestling against Hadley who had no answer for his takedowns and top game in the fight.

“I needed to change my (game) when I had my fight with Ulanbekov. Today’s another Allan, another fight, another BJJ, and wrestling. That’s the difference,” Nascimento said.

“I feel so good with the best skills on the floor or on the striking. I’m training all the martial (arts), and today I came away with the victory.”

Nascimento did mention that he would like a few months off before fighting again.

Former UFC lightweight champion Charles Oliveira was in the corner of Nascimento.

“Charles is the best man, the best guy. He has the best jiu jitsu in the UFC. He’s my corner today. Talked about all the skills all the moments. He’s the champ. He has a name, Charles Oliveira,” Nascimento said with a smile.

Speaking of Oliveira, last week at UFC 274, Oliveira and his corners dyed their hair blonde. Coming into fight week Nascimento’s hair had stayed black until fight night when he revealed blonde hair as he walked out to the octagon.

“All the people asked me (during) the week, ‘Hey man, you, the black hair?’ Friday night I needed to change the hair and now it’s traditional in our team. Keep it going,” Nascimento said.

During his post-fight interview with Michael Bisping, Nascimento held up a photo of his father for the cameras.

“I lost my father like 6 months ago,” Nascimento said.

“Today is a message for him. He stay with me all the time, and we deserve this, me and my father.”

Watch Allan Nascimento’s full UFC Vegas 54 post-fight media scrum above. More coverage from the event can be found below.

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